Google Review Advice


Google Reviews Advice for Businesses

Every business wants to have great Google Reviews. After, all no matter what positive content you put on page 1, Google Reviews sit at the top. Google are good at moderating these usually, however sometimes negative ones do not get automatically picked up. Pure Reputation can help you if this should happen.

The future of controlling and cultivating Google Reviews is to gain them organically. Don't be shy to ask for a recommendation, which can be a challenge, as in many industries clients may want to remain confidential, or arent tech savvy. Use a reputation management company like Pure Reputation that sets out to solve the problem once and for all by removing them, not push them down. Real reviews will do that over time.

Find out more about how to remove Google Reviews and also information on how to fix Google Suggest results on the Pure Reputation website. Find out more about Pure Reputation on their Linkedin page, and follow Pure Reputation on Instagram too. Call our London team and we will advise you on what the best course of action is for your specific requirements.

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