Negative Yahoo Answers


Deleting Yahoo Answers

Many people like to vent on Yahoo Answers because it is essentially anonymous and you can ask a question instead of make a statement, like 'Is Andy Smith from Leeds a con man?' I do not know an Andy Smith, this is just an example. This then snowballs into a huge page where everyone chimes in, not because they have anything good to say but just to earn Yahoo Answer points for answering a question. They can also use Yahoo Answers to link to other negative content about you. The more people answer it, the harder it is to remove. They are also permanent, and are hard to push down.

''We had a big clump of 6 Yahoo Answers on page 1 of Google for the company's name. Pure Reputation deleted them all. Then all our good pages started showing up instead'' - US Client 

If you have been personally affected by negative Yahoo Answers about you or your company, then contact Pure Reputation. We offer a no-win no-fee deal where you pay nothing upfront and there is no contract to sign either. Visit this page to learn more and see an example of a deleted Yahoo Answer page. Call us on 0207 1834227 or email

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