Brand Protection


Brand Protection - How Are We Different?

At Pure Reputation we have key differences that set us apart from our competitors....

1) We care

- Other reputation management companies will make you deal with a salesman, whose job it is to charge you the most money possible and stick you in the longest retainer possible. When you call us, you speak to a consultant. Their priority is assessing what needs to be done and providing you with a solution as fast and as effectively as possible

2) We are experts

Other reputation companies say that reviews cannot be removed. They can, and sometimes they outsource this to usThey say this to prolong with problem and keep their retainers running. Also, instead of deleting bad reviews, they bury them with spammy websites that are associated with or use for all their clients. When the retainer stops, the negative content comes right back up. At Pure Reputation, we delete unwanted reviews and only charge once the review is gone. No upfront fees or retainer needed. We also offer ongoing social media and reputation management packages so you can push anything negative remaining down, with website you control. Nothing comes back up.

3) We are local

We handle all work in house, not outsourcing it. This ensures your confidentiality is protected and the work is carried out to the highest standards by real people you can speak to. There is no veil of secrecy about what we do or the methods we use. It is all entirely white-hat and the results are permanent. We are also flexible and have to in-house expertise to also fix your Google Suggest problems and remove Yahoo Answers.

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